Kids are writing well in Pittsburgh!

Sun Kids Occupational Therapy : Helping Babies and Kids in Pittsburgh Meet Milestones for a Bright Future.

Kids develop milestones when they have good care.

Sun Kids Occupational Therapy is a great resource for Pittsburgh babies, kids and families.

Does your child have difficulty with handwriting? Or maybe your child can’t pay attention in class? Does your child spell or read with difficulty? Is your child more anxious than you think is healthy?

Do you find yourself concerned that you child is not able to keep up with peers in fine motor, big motor, or coordination tasks?

Is your baby premature, have they experienced a NICU stay at birth, or are they having trouble feeding , sleeping, or moving?

Have you been told to just let it go, your child will grow out of it despite you instincts telling you maybe they need a little extra help?

If any of these statements sound familiar, you have come to the right place in Pittsburgh.  We love to help babies and kids grow developmentally on schedule, and have tools and media to help them to achieve their goals.

You are the parent and you are the best person to determine if your child needs help so they can keep up with their peers. If you took the time to find us, keep reading. We promise you’ll be glad you did!

What is Sun Kids Occupational Therapy Pittsburgh?

Sun Kids Occupational Therapy Pittsburgh is a pediatric facility dedicated to empowering children and families. We provide both therapy and tutoring services, depending on each child’s needs and the desire of the family. We have been working with children for the past 20 years, with masters level degrees and advanced training in areas specific to children’s learning, focusing, and success.

Additionally, media such as music, fiber arts, painting, dance and movement arts are used in activities and games that kids enjoy; they gain skills and learn while having fun!

We love teaching kids about handwriting, attention, and fine and gross motor skills. That means we can teach them their letters, to write a neat sentence, to attend for longer periods of time, and to balance and coordinate gross movement. We can teach them anything they need to do in order to keep up with peers. We can even give them the edge by taking their strengths and building up them.

Handwriting Problems for Kids In Pittsburgh

Many children find that handwriting is their most enjoyable activity at school in Kindergarten and 1st grade. But if they don’t, and with additional help at home, still have trouble, it’s time to get help. Handwriting for kids in Pittsburgh is just the same as anywhere else. School expect kids to just get it, and there is often minimal classroom time to assist them in improving handwriting.

Pencil grasp often becomes a habit early on, and the sooner a child is instructed on efficient and effective pencil grasp, the better. There are lots of things that can be done to help kids with handwriting difficulty. It is however important to get kids help as soon as possible. Early handwriting habits are super important.

Additionally, handwriting difficulty is often the first sign that kids need help attending too. Attention difficulties are closely related to handwriting, and there are many things that can be done to assist kids with both. All they need is a chance to try, being provided with the right guidance.

Kids are writing well in Pittsburgh!

Kids can learn to write and feel confident with the right guidance.

Services for Premature Babies in Pittsburgh

We specialize in premature babies and in helping babies with Flat Head Syndrome and developmental delay. So many parents are at a loss for quality services due to insurance regulations and decreased funding. We at Sun Kids make sure our babies are taken care of by skilled, loving and dedicated staff. We provide the best care in Pittsburgh!

Premature babies are often in NICU setting from their very first days of being on the Earth. We recognize they can benefit from different strategies to ensure proper development as a result. Auditory processing should be checked given the NICU alarm bells often disturbing their auditory orientation, and positioning in the crib at home is extremely important given that flat head syndrome occurs in 90% of cases. The earlier we start babies the better.

Early intervention is usually provided through the county of Allegheny. However, many babies might benefit from a private therapist. Most new parents would want as complete a plan as possible, and county programs are often limited in what services they are actually allowed to provide. We are a private facility, and can therefore asses and treat premature babies from a large, comprehensive perspective.  We like that. So do the families of the babies we see.

We have found that by guiding families to understand their children’s strengths, and by facilitating their children’s needs, we accomplish outstanding progress over time. Things that parents feared would never change, not only change, but often become a point of pride.

We have also found that when we view children as the special gifts that they are, and when we facilitate them with open hearts, they almost always do well and enjoy their time learning and growing in new ways!

What is Flat Head Syndrome?

Due to the positioning of babies on their backs to decrease SIDS cases, and also keeping babies in many more positioning devices than ever before, many many babies are developing flat head syndrome. This means their skulls are forming with a flat area instead of being fully rounded. One way to deal with this is to get them a plastic helmit fitted to reshape the head. However there is a lot you can do very early on in order to prevent the need for a helmet and to reshape a child’s head by proper positioning. Helmets are certainly helpful and often very effective, however, if we can prevent a flat head area in the first place, then we are all the more effective!

Positioning a baby correclty can be important to help them avoid Flat Head Syndrome.

We help families with premature babies, babies that need assistance with feeding, flat head syndrome, and motor problems. We use fun sensory activities to get babies off on the right foot!

Services for Pittsburgh Babies With Flat Head Syndrome

All families with newborns should be trained in how to position their babies to prevent flat head syndrome. Many devices and positioning equipment, such as strollers, carriers, bassinets, and Moses baskets are made of material that are less than ideal for rounded head development. Also many kids are left in positions longer that is ideal given moms who are busy and have few extra hands to help around the house. We hear you buys moms!

So click here if you are a pregnant mom or new mom in Pittsburgh, and would like to take the “Say No To Flat Head Syndrome” class that makes sure your darling baby never has to deal with Flat Head Syndrome. It’s one instructional class and one follow up. This will ensure they have a great space to grow their brain, their most important asset. If you have a premature baby that was in NICU or just came home, this is also the class for you. Let’s make sure our Pittsburgh babies don’t have to deal with Flat Head Syndrome so they get the best post-natal care around!

mother and baby in nature-1039765_1920

Contact us for more information on the basic “Say No To Flat Head Syndrome In Pittsburgh ” class or if you are concerned that your baby already has flat Head Syndrome.

It’s important that babies heads are round, so they can grow their complete brain. Different areas of the brain are responsible for different functions. For example, the back of the head is responsible for visual skills, so we want to make sure the back of their head forms properly. We want to make sure their whole head forms properly, and the best way to help is to provide preventative information. We can prevent every Flat Head diagnosis, but we can surely reduce the risks!

For more information on Flat Head Syndrome check out these links:

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In addition to handwriting difficulty, premature baby care and flat head prevention, we have a variety of other treatment programs. We hope this article gave you a better understanding of what we do at Sun Kids. Please look through this entire site for programs that may help your kids grow towards a bright future!

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